Monday, April 12, 2010


One lonely, chilly April eve,
in not too far a place,
someone did come, you wont believe!
The Devil showed his face.

He stepped from flames and into sight,
and pointed at a man.
A man who cowered, blind with fright,
and pissed himself again.

Again, for Satan had been here
more than once before.
The devil had all times been clear,
"I gave another chore,"

"yet still it seems my task mistook,
with no regard for me.
For the last time, work on my book
and no more poetry."

The man he promised to get done,
the assignment he had earned.
He knew it not to be any fun,
sitting in Hell, bored... burned.

So henceforth ye shall ne'er get
a poem on this site.
I've got a bunch of other shit
I really have to write.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic deer. I wasn't knowing what to expect, and this gave an (impressed) chuckle.