Sunday, June 27, 2010


Starlips wasn't always considered a hippie. She had really just gotten into the scene with a friend of hers, who was now off in law-school.

She got her name from the ridiculous amount of glitter she peppered her face and cleavage with. She was somewhat of a Techno-Hippie, and preferred long nights on ecstasy dancing to talentless house music. Nights that preferably ended in enormous orgies.

She never really considered herself a full-on lesbian, but rarely enjoyed the company of the boys, and found the beauty of a woman's body irresistible.

In the night before, after her hours on the swing set, she had taken some LSD and roamed off by herself. Now, as morning came, she stood in the woods beneath a particularly large tree, perhaps the biggest she had ever seen.

The tree danced for her. It's trunk was as big around as a small car, and reached forever up into the sky. She could barely make out its higher branches or the leaves upon them. She stood at its base, watching as the LSD helped it to sway and twist. Whenever there was a breeze she saw the tree bending with the wind, and expected it to uproot and fly away.

She stood there, mesmerized as the mob came up behind her, and she never saw or heard them coming as she stared into the tree. Even when they had pounced her, and tore away at her flesh with their hands and teeth, in her psychedelic state she never realized what happened. She didn't have the opportunity to mutter any protest as they chewed at her, and it wasn't long before the group stood back and watched as she rose, one of them.


Lucas and Jesse had made out well at the campground, arming themselves with another rifle and a couple of handguns. They filled their pockets and a backpack with ammo.

The campground itself was littered with carnage. Blood and pieces of flesh were all around. Tents, soaked in blood were ripped to shreds. There had been a serious battle here, though it was very obviously one-sided.

"We have to hurry," he said. "We need to get ahead of them and cut them off before they reach the festival grounds."

Lucas was all for hurrying. The sooner he got to shoot something in the face, the better. He didn't much care about the festival or anyone attending it. It seemed more fun, to him, to let them turn the whole festival before they arrived. More to shoot. He didn't mention any of this. Jesse was trained somewhat in tactics and knew what he was talking about, and more-so knew what he was doing. The more Lucas thought about it, the more he realized that he had the perfect companion for this sort of thing.

They made their way towards the festival, quite a hike after hooking back through the campground to loot. The sun was nearly completely risen now, which sort of pissed of Lucas since he would no longer need the night-vision goggles.

When they reached the edge of the forest, Jesse slightly panicked. He saw the festival in front of them, and though the music was going, it sounded terrible. There was very little movement in the outer edge of festival camping, save one area along the edge that a stream of smoke rose from.

"We beat them here."

Lucas sighed, disappointed.

Jesse shook his head. He knew that Lucas was only in this for the chance to kill someone, zombie or not. Lucas was ready to fire his gun at the first thing in range to look like a zombie. This would make him a great soldier, when the battle finally came, but until then Jesse was concerned that Lucas might be a little crazy.

Jesse scanned the edge of the festival grounds that were along the forest edge, for quite a ways. He was pretty sure the undead gang would have to enter within their field of vision from this point, considering that in other parts the trees were just too thick.

A breeze carried some of the smoke their way, and as it brushed past their nostrils, Jesse and Lucas caught the aroma of bacon. They were both feeling hungry, and this scent did not help.

Jesse considered the options, then reported his plan. "We need to go to that smoke and warn these people. Maybe they will give us some of that breakfast."

Lucas laughed, "Bro, we got guns. Those hippies will give us whatever we want."

Jesse shook his head as they started towards the source of the smoke. "Whatever you do, Luke, just let me do the talking."

Lucas let out a chortle and said, "Just let me do the shooting."


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