Thursday, April 1, 2010

See, was that so bad? Allow me to clear up a few things before we move on. This is going to take some time. You need to be patient. And of course, by you, I mean myself, and the few people who are tortured enough to waste time coming here.

There might be more poetry, I really cannot say. You may have noticed that the address to this blog is This is the kind of evil shit I am up to. None if this is planned, other than content ideas. I sat on that fucking poem for over a year. Originally I think I planned it as a tragic short story, the kind you wish someone had told you about through tears as a warning not to read it. Now its a poem, it rhymes, and in the true spirit of freestyle, I think it kicks this shit off well.

Up next, in very small pieces over a very, very long time, we have a story about a group of zombies that learn drugged out drum circles are very easy to wipe out. Or are they? I've got a black school bus full of drunk, dirty, drum wielding wookies that have other plans. Or do I?

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