Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here be a blog.

Yes, I am going to blog, on top of my packed agenda of other useless shit I do. Better yet, I am going to primarily use this blog for posting short stories and sorts of the free kind. The best part is, these stories will all be typed directly into this blog, which means they will be completely unedited and all-in-all, terrible. First, below, you will find the first poem I have written in over 20 years. Mostly because let's face it, poetry is rather lame. However, if you come back for more after my shitty poem, you will be treated to the first episode of my first true project for this blog: Hippies vs. Zombies: The Undead and the Brain-dead. It's going to be a fun ride.

BUT FIRST: A bit of a disclaimer. I am a writer. I have opinions. I am more than likely going to say offensive things in every post, possibly about you or your mom. I say fuck, A LOT. If you are easily offended, and killing yourself is not an option, I suggest you read some other pussy's blog. However, should this sort of thing excite you, then by all means, read on.

And now for the main event:

Sad Kraken by J Gilliam Martin

Leagues and leagues beneath the sea
there a hungry kraken be.
Buried half-below the sand,
longing for a life on land.
For hundreds, perhaps a thousand years
the kraken cries his kraken tears.
Til came the day which he did move,
and slid from his slumbering, kraken groove.
Towards the surface, he did rise
heretofore unseen by eyes.
A ship did sail in his monstrous path,
soon consumed by monstrous wrath.
Tossed in violence amongst the waves,
those not eaten, found watery graves.
Alas the shore, he reaches mud,
his mouth agape, teeth stained with blood.
A village glows in lights and steam,
upon first sight, the air lifts screams.
The people arm themselves for fight
(though some protest for kraken rights).
A mass of tentacles destroy,
the tiny town, as though a toy.
Alas, tanks and bombs prevail,
and the poor kraken turns his tail,
to once again sleep in the sea,
sad and alone, for eternity.

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