Monday, July 5, 2010


Jesse explained as much as he could with help from Mark and Lucas. Hubble was still skeptical of the whole thing, but something had happened with Curry and until she came around, their word was all he had to go by.

"I just don't understand how something like this happens." Hubble paced back and forth, refusing marijuana as the rest of them smoked. "When we saw you on the road I could tell that kid was fucked up. Why bring him?"

"That kid was always fucked up. It didn't look like much more than a severe hangover to us," Jesse explained.

"Until he stopped breathing in the car," Mark reminded. "I knew something was up with him then."

Lucas chimed in, "The fuck you did, you never said shit, just laughed with the rest of us. It was you that went on and on about how funny the shit was."

Mark shrugged. "Well I knew when he grabbed the rabbit."

"No shit, Mark, but it was too late then, wasn't it? And what the fuck did you do, anyway? You left Scott back there to die. He might be here with us if you weren't such a pussy."

"Fuck you Luke. If Scott was any bit as smart as me he would have come with. But no, he had to wait behind for his buddy Lucas to come back so they could sneak into the woods and suck each other off."

Lucas and Mark stood with their faces just inches apart, screaming over one another. Jesse had enough and pushed his way between them.

"None of us will make it out of here alive if you two don't cut the shit."

Captain stood and looked at his friends, then over to the three he didn't know from anyone.
"Zombies or not, I'm not kickin' it with you fucks. I'd rather die than have to listen to these two clowns bitch at each other anymore."

Robin was sobbing, between the constant bickering and Curry's current state, she couldn't muster more than tears. She wasn't sure what to believe, but her friend was terrified and possibly injured or worse.

Captain walked around the group to where they had tackled Lucas and picked up the rifle.

"Seriously, I'm out of here. I'll get Curry back to the gatehouse and have the ranger take us to the hospital. Hubble?"

Hubble knew he should help him carry her if nothing else, and really wanted nothing to do with the three asshole metalheads. On the other hand, he wasn't comfortable leaving Robin with them, and he wasn't sure how serious the spark between her and this Mark kid was. He did not answer Captain.

"Robin?" Captain got no response from her either. He was getting angry a bit and pulled the cork from the moonshine, taking a large swill. His face looked smashed together as it hit his throat, and he coughed a small flame after swallowing. Then he turned to Pegs.

"C'mon man, put your legs on and lets get Curry in the wheelchair."

Pegs stared at Captain a moment before looking around at the others. Then he said, "Honestly Cap, if there are fucking zombies around here, I kinda wanna fuck em up." Then he looked at Jesse. "That is your plan, right? To fuck em up?"

Lucas answered this one. "Dude, we're gonna blow the heads off all ten or fifteen of them, then go down in the books as the heroes of the Grassy Folk Massacre."

"Well," Captain said angered, "give me the fucking chair anyway. If you're going to be fighting 'zombies' or even just these three pricks, you'd be better off on feet, prosthetic or not."

Pegs couldn't argue. Curry was clearly in no shape to walk, let alone fight, and she may need medical attention. He pulled his legs from behind the chair and snapped them on, standing.

Lucas whispered something to Jesse, who then looked down with a slight panic in his eyes.

"We need to check her, first." Jesse told Captain.

"Check her, for what? She's been crying this whole time, obviously zombies don't cry, they just eat dreams or whatever."

Lucas laughed, "Brains, you fucking moron. They eat brains."

"Maybe Hippie-Zombies eat dreams?" Mark added, also laughing. The two of them laughed that up for a while.

Jesse wanted to laugh, but one of them had to remain serious if they were to get any help from either of these wookies. He did his best to explain.

"It is pretty easy to tell if somebody is a zombie or not. They either come at you lookin all hungry and pissed off, or they don't. But if she has been bitten, it won't be long before she becomes one. I'd say somewhere along your trip, maybe just as you've stopped to sweep a couple rocks out of your sandal. Next thing you know she's on your back biting into your skull."

"And then you'll remember, 'Shit! Zombies eat brains.'" Lucas butted in.

Captain, with all the drugs he ate for breakfast, was able to visualize that last bit quite clearly, and agreed to examine Curry for bite marks, absolutely positive they would not find any.

"Who's gonna do it?" Jesse asked.

Captain looked at him, confused. He had been sure since Jesse seemed to be the expert, he would be the medic in this case, and told him so.

"Well, we gotta check everywhere. So maybe you want to take her into the tent?"

Robin stood up finally and did some brief yelling of her own, "Just fucking check her already you assholes!"

She was right. They had all (save Jesse and Lucas, maybe Mark) seen her naked anyway. Captain was obsessed with how awesome and tiny her nipples were. So Jesse and Captain knelt on either side of her and rolled her over. She was asleep now. They checked her neck and head first, then went down the body, peeling the clothes of as they searched.

With her clothes off, there was a lot less blood and it made looking for marks a lot easier. Even Lucas, from where he was standing, seemed to be checking thoroughly.

The blood was only on her clothes, and was not hers. They found no bite wounds, not even scratches. Just mosquito bites and a single mole between her crotch and belly button. Rather than try and dress her again in her sleep, they wrapped a light blanket around her. Lucas turned around to hide his hard-on.

"So?" Captain was impatient.

"There's nothing I can see. "

"Then we leave. "

Captain lifted Curry from the ground and put her into the wheelchair. He took picked up the rifle again, and grabbed a few things out of his tent: his backpack, drum, bag of cigarette tobacco, a duffel full of pot, and the other with the red pills. As he turned around, Jesse had walked over and was standing in front of him.

"Take Lucas with you."

Lucas disagreed. "Fuck that, I'm goin' with him? No way. No fucking way. I'm staying here and slaughtering zombies goddammit. Fuck no. "

He might have gone on with the 'fuck' and 'no' all night if Jesse hadn't slapped him.

Jesse explained, "I assume they are aimed for the ranger hut, and what if the ranger isn't there? Then they will need a ride into town."

Captain, assuming they were talking of his legal inability to drive, took offense.

"We have the bus, I can fucking drive it to the hospital. I'd like to see those pigs try and stop me."

They weren't, of course remarking on his lack of a license because they had no idea, so his reply just confused Jesse.

"The bus is broke down, remember Cap?" Robin spoke up again.


"See Lucas," Jesse was looking at him now, "unless you want me to go drive your car?"

"Aint no motherfucker drivin my car but me, ever. As if she would even start with you. Fuck. You fucking asshole. Fine, I'll go, but this prick better give me my gun back."

Captain was ready to argue at this point, he really didn't want to walk with Lucas anyway, let alone if he had a gun. More so, however, he really wanted this charade to end and get on his way to making sure this girl who's nipples he loved was going to be okay. She was obviously in some kind of shock, and it didn't look like she would be snapping out of it anytime soon. He swallowed his concerns, tossed Lucas the rifle and started pushing the wheelchair.

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