Saturday, April 10, 2010

More shit, finished.

Today I finished a short for an upcoming Severed Press anthology sequel.
The first anthology, titled Dead Bait, I was just a tad too late to submit for.
Anyone who knows me (or has seen my tattoos) knows that I could write about shit in the water all day long, so I was more than glad to whip something up for the Dead Bait sequel.

I have written a story called Sleeping With the Fishes and will finish editing and submit it tomorrow. For any reason should this story not make the cut, I will hold on to it for my own collection of shorts.

If it is chosen, however, it will be alongside a story by both Steve Alten and Guy N Smith, which is so far beyond fucking phenomenal, I cannot imagine it to be so.

If you dont know who those guys are, you have no business poking around this blog, and should therefore fuck yourself in the ass with a chainsaw.

That's the kind of game I am playing. You are a contestant or you are dead to the world.


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