Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Future of HvZ

I am pleased to (finally) announce that Severed Press will be publishing HvZ upon its completion. The project will remain free on the blog, and will continue to be written spontaneously and such, but the final project will be completely edited and published.

This means that now, rather than just a project, I am sort of "drafting" HvZ directly to the blog.

I would like to take this week to revise part one, touch up on some scenes and characters, as well as add some stuff I thought would be fun after the fact.

Next week we roll into HvZ Part 2. Be ready.

Also for anyone who lives in a cave, Severed Press is holding a contest. Create a book trailer for any Severed Press publication, current or future. This also includes Hippies vs Zombies! Submit your book trailer to during the month of June and you can win the entire Severed Press catalog, with some autographed copies of Tim Curran's work. I will even make sure you get a signed copy of HvZ when that time comes.

Book Trailers can be any format, live action, animation, etc, and will be judged on content and creativity, things like that.

Special thanks to Rob Condon for the new banner. Yay art!

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