Friday, May 28, 2010

The Cry-less Banshee

she floats above the ground, surreal
a goddess of the night
the banshee's wail a true defense,
it fills men's souls with fright

alas, this siren has no scream
she cannot speak at all
the townsfolk hunt her, confident
without her banshee call

she hides from those who seek her out
outcast by her kind
the mob would burn her flesh to ash
should they ever find

one eve an angel does appear
and offers an exchange
"should you use your strength for good,
i shall return your vocal range"

the banshee accepted, blithely
and none a bit too soon
for on a hill her pursuers stood
weapons glinting in the moon

she screamed her first, the angel's way
and watched the seraph fall
then she turned towards the men
and wailing, killed them all

I dunno, I just wanted to write another poem. <3

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