Monday, June 7, 2010

A contest, where only I win. (The best kind)

What're you up to tomorrow? Bubba Scorch and the Black Grass Jug Band will be headed out to the Grassy Folk Music Festival, in the N.E. United States. While headlining the event, they have no idea who else is playing with them.

This is where YOU come in. You can create a bluegrass or folk music band name, and send it to me at I will then choose the best of the worst and put them on the bill. This means your fictional band name will be in HvZ as a band that played what will soon be a legendary music festival tragedy.

There are just a few rules: Be original. Parodies are ok, though I am more likely to use completely original ideas. Don't use names of anyone you know. Some of them sue, some of them just annoy you with "omg is that about me" til ears bleed out.

If your band also has a story behind its name, I'd love to hear it, maybe its something I can use. Bubba Scorch and the Black Grass Jug Band most definitely have a story involving a fat guy in a hammock and a can of gasoline.

Also, you are welcome to name each and every member of the band, but the same rules apply.

I will stop taking entries at 11:59pm EST June 8th, for on June 9th, these bands have got to hit the road. Of course, I will not be giving you anything for this stuff, and you must relinquish it to me completely. But the cool part is, I'll send you a half-ass email saying thanks, your band name will go down in a flaming, bloody history.

Yeah, I know its only one day...
Well, get to it!.

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