Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a farewell to ankles

after 2 weeks of holiday/on-location research, i returned to complete my first novel, Hippies vs Zombies.

however, my first day back, i rolled my ankle and heard a snap.

the first thought my brain processed was, "fuck, i hope that was a floorboard."

not so. as i hit the ground and yelled my loudest "fuck", i realized i had broken my first bone in all my years.

at the moment i am laid up, unable to reach my computer, and will be unable to post, still.

i am writing this from my ipod touch and it is taking forever.

but worry not, i have plenty of drugs and the pain is minimal, and will be fetching supplies to work on other projects the old fashioned way. pen.

i expect that in a week or two i will be up and running at least enough to sit at my desk.

until then, utilize the patience i ask of you frequently, and i will greatly reward you... someday.

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